JPCC Policies & Guidelines

Safety is our #1 concern. The park is committed to providing a safe, fun-filled environment for our guests – and we strictly enforce all state and manufacturer regulations. Also, please note the rules and regulations posted around the park and at the attractions. These rules are in place for safety’s sake; please follow them to ensure a safe, enjoyable visit.

General Information

Guest Services

Please visit one of the Guest Services windows, located at the admission gates, to speak to someone about guest services. Or ask one of our park employees – they’ll point you in the right direction.


The park does not have wheelchairs available for rent.

First Aid

If you have a medical emergency, please notify a park employee who will call for assistance. The park’s first aid kit is located in the Park Offices and guest services.

Lost and Found

All items found at the park are turned in at the Park Office. If you lose an item while on a ride, we will search for the item as soon as possible, but an immediate search may not be possible. Please visit the Park Office to report any lost items; leave your name and number in case your item is found after you leave the park.

Items left in those areas will be removed at closing and taken to “lost & found”. Collect those items, before the gates are locked.

JPCC is not responsible for any personal belongings; do not leave any items unattended. For your safety, rent a locker located in the waterpark. Be sure to lock your vehicle and hide your valuables.


Restrooms are located throughout the premises, ask any of our park employees who will direct you to the nearest available one.


Parking is free at JPCC. A limited number of spots for guests with disabilities are available and are located near the gates. For further assistance in finding a spot, please ask an attendant.

Service Animals

All animals are not permitted.

Not Allowed in the Park:

No alcoholic beverages.
No audio devices, except with the use of headphones.
No glass containers.
No weapons or sharp objects.
No running, unruly behaviour, profanity and obscene gestures.
No bikes, skateboards or other balanced vehicles.
The entire JPCC premises is a smoke free zone.
No grills or public grilling of food on the playground.
No pets whatsoever is allowed into the park.
Rain Policy

If it rains on the day of your visit, some attractions may close temporarily. Once the rain stops the rides will re-open upon operators’ discretion. If it rains later on in the day, this process may begin again. No refunds. Group food service provided by JPCC in the designated areas will continue during inclement weather in accordance with their pre-arranged schedule.

Carry-in Items

For the safety of our guests, we reserve the right to inspect all coolers, picnic baskets, and other containers brought into the park.

No Grilling

The cooking of food is not permitted in our public groves or in the parking lots. Grills are not allowed nor are they available in the public groves. F&B services are provided on the playground premises as well as at the food courts.


Guests must retaintheir wristband and receipts upon exiting the park. In order for same day re-entry the guest must show their wristbands and present their sales receipt. All general admissions will expire the next day following purchase.

Food Allowed & Public-Use Picnic Tables

You are allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages into the park, but no glass containers or knives.

A few public-use picnic tables are located throughout the playground for your enjoyment. Tables are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The park cannot guarantee the availability of a picnic table on any given day. If you’d like to rent a private picnic table to ensure your party gets a spot of your own, contact the Group Sales Department.

Tables located near the park food outlets are reserved for patrons of the food stand. Public picnicking at those tables is not allowed.

Food Allergies

Despite taking precautions, cross-contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soy milk, eggs, wheat, fish or shellfish can occur in food production areas.

Dress Code

Our dress code is designed to maintain the park’s safe family atmosphere. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times, except when in the waterpark. Females must wear tops at all times, except when nursing. Clothing or tattoos with inappropriate language or graphics are not permitted. All patrons are to adhere to the appropriate codes of conduct as required by the Government of Brunei Darussalam.


JPCC is smoke-free. You may smoke only in a few designated areas, and smoking is not allowed on any attractions or in any queue lines.

Attractions Guidelines

Fun and Safety Guidelines

Certain attractions have restrictions based upon height and/or size as well as physical or medical conditions. Signs are posted at the entrance to each attraction that give you guidelines about restrictions and safety. Please follow these rules to ensure a safe experience for you and others. Decide before your ride; watch the ride in operation and read all restrictions before you determine whether a particular ride is really for you. Height r estrictions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Guests with recent surgery, heart problems, high blood pressure, neck or back problems, seizures, pregnancy, or have any other condition that may be aggravated by riding must use discretion in selecting which rides to ride. You know your medical history and any restrictions or limitations – the park does not. It is up to you to use good judgment when deciding which rides to ride. If you suspect your well-being could be at risk, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition, do not ride the ride.


People planning to ride the attractions are expected to wear a park issued wristband. In the event that an individual has special needs that prevent him from wearing a wristband, a responsible companion will need to wear a second wristband in order for both people to ride the attraction. Guests requiring the second wristband option should visit a Guest Services window.

Evacuation of Rides

Be aware that, although remote, there is always the possibility that a sudden, unexpected ride stoppage may occur. If that does happen, riders may be required to evacuate the ride over catwalks or travel down steeply inclined ramps or tight steps. Anyone unable to evacuate may need to wait, restrained in their seats for extremely long periods of time, until assistance arrives. Please consider this before deciding to ride.

Securing Loose Items

For safety’s sake, all loose items must be left with a non-riding companion or stored in a park rental locker. Employees are not allowed to care for your personal belongings, so please don’t ask them to watch your things. JPCC is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

Camera Policy

For safety’s sake the use of cameras – including cell phones – while riding any park attraction is prohibited. Any such equipment must be treated as a loose item and be secured or left with a non-riding companion.

Line Jumping

You must enter the line at the end. Guests are not allowed to: leave and return for any reason; hold a spot for someone else; join someone already in line; jump any fences or chains; nor cut through the line. Violations of these rules may result in your loss of ride or park privileges. Please respect others and don’t line jump.

Restraining Guests of Exceptional Size or With a Disability

All passenger restraint systems, including lap bars, shoulder harnesses and seatbelts, must be positioned and fastened properly to allow guests to ride. Due to rider restraint system requirements, guests of exceptional size may not be accommodated on some of our rides. Those whose size does not allow for the proper use of safety measures and devices are not permitted. Those with a physical and/or mental disability such that they cannot use the safety devices properly are not permitted to ride.

Guests with Special Needs

The park had endeavoured to provide appropriate accessibility to patrons with special needs. When visiting the park, stop by Guest Services for further assistance.


In order to go on an attraction you must meet all restrictions, be mentally alert, able to hold on as required without any assistance, be able to enter and exit a vehicle without help from JPCC staff, utilize all safety devices & restraints, and safely evacuate the ride if needed. In order to enjoy certain playground facilities, guests need to be able to ascend slide tower steps without assistance from park staff. JPCC management reserves the right to refuse any guest access to an attraction which management deems unsafe for the individual. Park staff is not permitted to, nor trained to, physically assist guests onto or off the attractions.

Visiting with an Assisting Aide

Guests with disabilities may require an aide during a visit to JPCC. An aide who is aware of your needs can assist with manoeuvring through the park, transferring on attractions, providing assistance in the event of an evacuation and remaining with a service animal if needed. Park staff is not permitted or trained to physically assist guests onto or off the attractions. You may want to consider bringing an aide when coming to the park. There is a special admission price for people with disabilities; if the guest is required to have an aide, that aide needs to pay like any normal patron. To use this option, please stop by the Guest Service window.

Wheelchair Access to an Attraction

A guest in a wheelchair and one assisting aide may enter most attractions through the exit gate. Signs are posted at each attraction showing where to enter. Please wait for the ride operator to indicate that it is safe to enter before proceeding. Immediate seating may not be available, but you will be accommodated as soon as possible. Please inform the operator if you intend to ride with other specific guests who are waiting in the queue line.


Guests wearing properly restrained casts may ride the rides and water attractions; provided that all ride safety requirements are met.

Artificial Limbs & Amputees

Guests who are amputees or those with artificial limbs may be unable to participate on some rides due to the inability to be properly restrained during the ride. Guests must securely lock or remove any prostheses before boarding to ensure the safety of all guests.

Please Note: the policies, guidelines and other information contained on this website are subject to change at any time. This site does not include all park policies, and should not be considered fully comprehensive. If you have additional questions, please ask. This website is intended as an overview guide, and all information is meant to assist the guest with their visit to JPCC.