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From children rides to the heart-thumping rides, we’ve got it all to make your experience at Jerudong Park an unforgettable one!

WonderPark (formerly Phase 1) Adventure Park (formerly Phase 2)
Name of Rides Maximum Weight Minimum Height Name of Rides Maximum Weight Minimum Height
Junior Coaster 105 CM Scary Drop 120 KG 142 CM
Ferris Wheel Pirate Ship 129 CM
Paddle Boat 122 CM Ice World Artic Rapids 129 CM
Junior Bumper Car 105 CM Plunge Lagoon 122 CM
Laser Tag 122 CM Adventure Kingdom
  • Roller Glider
  • Giant Swing
  • Zipline
  • Freefall
120 KG 137 CM
Jumper 4D Cinema in Motion 120 KG 116 CM
Caterpillar 90 CM F1 SupaKart 150 CM
Mini Golf 105 CM F2 SupaKart 147 CM
JP Town Playground 90 CM
Adult Bumper Car 142 CM
Shooting Gallery 105 CM
Laser Maze 105 CM
Junior Pirateship 90 CM
Carousel 105 CM


For the thrill-seekers and the young-at-heart, we got just the heart-pounding rides for you. Whether you’re going on a 50 meters straight drop or ziplining over the length of 220 meters, there’s no shortage of action and thrills for everyone!

  • Scary Drop
  • Pirate Ship
  • Plunge Lagoon
  • Ice World Artic Rapids
  • Adventure Kingdom
    • Roller Glider
    • Free Fall
    • Zipline
    • Giant Swing


From toddlers to young teenagers, all junior riders will be sure to enjoy the rides that are kids-friendly yet still incite heart-pumping excitement! From riding on their own like a big kid to enjoying a ride with their parent, they will have tons of fun with lots of memorable moments for you to capture!

  • Caterpillar

    Hop on our Miniature train ride that’s ideal for toddlers and above that they will be sure to enjoy.

  • SkyDiver
  • Junior Bumper Car

    Another classic ride for the little ones to enjoy as they get to bump, crash and sometimes spin around.

  • F1 SupaKart

    Perfect for the young racing enthusiast as they zoom around our junior circuit! With 2-seaters capacity, you can easily ride the go-karts with a passenger and have a friendly race around our racetrack.

  • Junior Pirate Ship

    A timeless classic of a pirate ship that swings in a pendulum motion designed for the little ones.

  • JP Town Playground

    A lil “town” made us with various buildings for you to explore play structure filled with see-saws, swings and slides, what’s not to love!

  • Mini-Golf

    Are you up for a friendly match of mini-golf? Put your golf skills to the test with either our 9-hole or 18-hole mini course, or why not play all 27 holes!

  • Ferris Wheel

    A scenic ride for everyone in the family to enjoy as you get a good look at Jerudong Park once reaching the very top.


Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly have any more fun, our very own WaterPark is the perfect way to end your day as sessions run from morning to night. It is every child’s dream come true as you watch them scream and play in endless delight while creating everlasting memories.

For the grown-ups, just be sure to leave your age at the entrance because this is one place where you’ll feel like a kid and relive your childhood memories all over again.

Gallon and gallons of fun featuring:

  • Gigantic waterpark playground
  • Water jet curtain
  • Giant tipping bucket
  • Mushroom Umbrella water spray
  • Standing structure water sprayers
  • On the ground water streams
  • Water slides and Tube chutes


Once you step into the Garden, you’ll find it offers a relaxing ambiance surrounded by luscious flora - as you take a stroll towards our exceptional Clock Tower or Musical Fountain, or just to simply enjoy the peacefulness it offers.

Due to its size and space capacity, Jerudong Park Garden has hosted many corporate and school events including weddings as it offers the perfect venue and scenery for such a joyful occasion. To get a better idea of how huge The Garden is, just imagine the landscape size of 8 soccer fields!

Musical Fountain Show

Meet the only fountain in Brunei that “dances”! Enjoy our mesmerizing water works that begins with “colorful” water jets pattern shooting out with a variety of patterns, changing from swivel, peacock, vertical and other various styles.

The water jets are especially designed to synchronize with musical beats produced locally such as “Kampung Ayer” named after our famous water village while “Alus Jua Dendang” is a folklore song about the union of a bride and groom on their wedding ceremony.

Hours of Operation: Every Saturday Night at 8:30 PM & 9:15PM


Playing at our park for the whole day can sure work up a good appetite! So, there are “snack shacks” and vending machines located within Jerudong Park where you can grab a quick bite.

Other options for a full course meal is only a short walking distance away from the park!


Everyone’s all-time favorite fast food chain, McDonald’s is conveniently located a mere walking distance away to get your hands on some Big Mac to satisfy that huge appetite and top it off with some frosty Oreo Mcflurry that’s perfect on a hot sunny day.

Pondok Sari Wangi

Authentic fine dining Indonesian cuisine serving wide range of flavors and most well-known for their seafood dishes.

Jerudong Park Food Court

Still can’t decide what to have? Hop over to the biggest food court in Brunei that is just a few minutes’ walk situated just opposite of McDonald’s. With an alfresco dining style, dine in comfortably with your friends and family with a wide variety of food category with 46 food vendors to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for Chinese, Mexican, Western Fusion or local delights, we got it all!